Webinar: Learning from Patient Narratives for Human-Centered Design to Transform Patient Experience

Kneeland Guney Webinar image
Patrick Kneeland, MD, Medical Director for Patient and Provider Experience at University of Colorado Hospital and Clinics, and Senem Guney, PhD, CPXP, Founder and Chief Experience Officer at NarrativeDx discuss how
 human-centered design has the power to re-engage healthcare providers, improve patient satisfaction measures and reduce staff turnover.

Dr. Guney shares her expertise in how hospitals can learn from qualitative data to inform human-centered design with critical insights that surpass the limitations of traditional surveying approaches, and Dr. Kneeland shares a case study of how the human-centered design approach transformed an 18-bed surgical unit struggling with low patient satisfaction scores, high staff turnover with inexperienced staff, and multiple admitting services. 

PXE-approved Webinar

Through this webinar, we’re pleased to offer one hour of Patient Experience Continuing Education credits (PXEs) from Patient Experience Institute (PXI).

PXI is an independent, non-profit, committed to the improvement of patient experience through evidence-based research, continuing education and professional certification. PXEs can be applied towards Certified Patient Experience Professional (CPXP) applications and/or to maintain certification designation.